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Fitzharris Enterprises, Inc., was founded in April of 1990, by Mike Fitzharris and Linda Knight.  The company was originally formed to be an exclusive sales agency for a major, domestic and international, freight forwarder.  The founders built upon their many years of experience in the air freight forwarding industry and built a very successful Indianapolis, IN, station.

In the mid-1990’s, one of their customers asked them to run a daily shuttle to, and from, the Chicago airports of Midway and O’Hare.  This is where the expedited trucking operation got its start.


Soon, Fitzharris was offering a “one stop shop” for expedited, domestic services.  They analyzed each shipment by ground and air alternatives, then offered the best solution to their clients.


The post-9/11 landscape changed dramatically for the domestic air freight forwarder.  Fitzharris moved more heavily into the trucking world, expanding its number of units dramatically. The initial fleet of six semi tractor trailers were added in 2004.  In addition, Fitzharris Logistics, an FMCSA authorized freight broker, was formed in 2005.  This greatly expanded the company’s ability to meet its customer’s ground transportation needs.


During this time the company felt it needed a more dynamic dispatch software solution.  The decision was made to use Sylectus, a dynamic, cloud based, application.   One of the key benefits of the alliance with Sylectus was joining the group of subscribers, who quickly found out how much stronger each of them could be by working together.  Now, thousands of trucks are available, live on our dispatch board, to help us meet our customer’s needs around the U.S. and Canada.


Today, the company operates out of its 13,000 square foot office/warehouse facility just south of Indianapolis International Airport.  The company continues to offer its customers excellent service in its core competency of expedited trucking, air freight forwarding, and freight brokerage.


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