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Freight Services

Third Party Logistics

Let Fitzharris Enterprises help in your next major distribution. We will pickup from you, or your supplier, in bulk quantities then process each shipment according to your instructions. Typically, we will work off a master distribution list you provide. We will then fill each order according to the quantities and items specified. We meet your delivery deadlines, provide you with full reporting throughout the project, minimize transportation costs, and save you money on order processing.

Air Freight
Not all your vendors and customers are easily accessible by an expedited truck. However, they still need expedited service. By offering air cargo service, Fitzharris Enterprises becomes a “one-stop shop” for our customers. Sometimes its not that easy to determine which mode of transportation, air shipping or ground, will provide the best service. Fitzharris offers an unbiased analysis of both choices, getting you involved in the decision making process. We carefully analyze transit time, reliability, cost, and service requirements when making our recommendations.



Special Handling


We pride ourselves in coming up with innovative, unique solutions to your logistical problems. We have done on-site packing, designed and purchased specific crating for a reverse logistics program, installed and removed original artwork, followed very specific routing instructions to coordinate with installation crews, and many other things, on a daily basis, as requested by our customers. Tell us what your needs are and we will work together to develop a program that effectively meets those requirements.


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