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Third-Party Logistics (3PL)


Let Fitzharris Enterprises help in your next major distribution. We will pickup from you, or your supplier, in bulk quantities then process each shipment according to your instructions. Typically, we will work off a master distribution list you provide. We will then fill each order according to the quantities and items specified. We meet your delivery deadlines, provide you with full reporting throughout the project, minimize transportation costs, and save you money on order processing. Here are some of the services we provide:

* Label each carton.
* Attach packing lists.
* Pick and pack.
* Source from different vendors or plant locations.
* Provide routing and carrier selection.
* Work after hours to complete urgent projects.
* Phone notification to schedule deliveries when required.
* Flexibility in data exchange.
* Provide a simple, single invoice encompassing all services.


Customized Logistics Services


At Fitzharris Enterprises, we pride ourselves in our ability to meet with our customers, analyze their needs, and offer solutions customized to their company: We have developed inbound programs for used medical equipment that combine padwrap service and custom crating. We have taken a distribution of store fixtures and had packing material specifically made to the dimensions and requirements of the fixtures. We have taken a list of retail stores and geographically grouped them for distribution by multi-stop trucks, coordinating with installation crews throughout the process.


Let us take a look at your special requirements today. 1-800-521-8302

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